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About KitsuMUCK
Thanks for coming here to learn more about us.

What is KitsuMUCK?

KitsuMUCK is a furry roleplaying MUCK themed around Kitsune. While the majority of creatures on its world are kitsune, all species are welcome to join and have fun. It currently takes place in two different worlds - Kitsuria and S'Fyra, the former being more technologically advanced than the latter. Earth is soon to come once we get things figured out. The theme is fantasy/sci-fi. It is centered around an on-going story, one that had been played out in 2004, on previous incarnations of the MUCK.


It started during Fall of 2004. Samui developed a simple chat system called kRPG which allowed roleplayers in his community to use several different characters on a single connection. He was the sole developer of this system, so it was updated when he had time after school or work. The main userbase was a small group of friends he role played with on AIM and IRC.

In early 2005, there were plans made for a MUD-like system called "kRPG: Adventure Edition", but it was scrapped later on. kRPG's website continued to evolve and allowed users to create their own accounts where they could manage their characters' profiles.

In September 2006, development began on KitsuMUCK, then known as kRPG2. The MUCK opened in February 2007 when most of the world was built. The name was changed to KitsuMUCK in April, keeping kRPG as its internal name. Activity was minimal, though Samui continued to work on the MUCK.

In February 2008, Samui added a front-end on the MUCK's forums that allowed a player to edit their profile and create alts. This was phased out later that year due to bugs, but returned the next year in January when Samui changed the forum's software to Simple Machines and bridged the users' accounts between the forums and the MUCK. At the end of February 2009, he installed a Flash MU* client to replace the Java client.

In March 2009, Samui announced that development on KitsuMUCK wouldn't be a priority, though it won't be shut down. As of June 2011, the MUCK remains on hiatus while Samui focuses on his other projects: Kitsuria, .para//Bound and Digital Dimension.

In late 2013, Samui posted an announcement stating plans to start fresh on the MUCK, as well as recreating the original kRPG system with a web front-end. Development on this still remains a lower priority than other projects.
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