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Author Topic: [Theme]: Kitsuria  (Read 11669 times)

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[Theme]: Kitsuria
« on: Aug 02 2012 - 14:46 »
This post describes the world of Kitsuria. I will be updating this post soon. Any questions may be asked here.

Basic Info

Kitsuria is a world with three islands: Kasamori, Kitsune Island, and S'Fyra-Isola. Kitsune Island is the center island, where most of the inhabitants of the world live. Kasamori is the island to the west of Kitsune Island, inhabited mostly by size-shifting kitsune. S'Fyra-Isola is to the east of Kitsune Island, and was a place of refuge for the S'Fyrian kitsune during Necro's reign.

The world is inhabited primarily by kitsune, wolves, and dragons. The three species coexist peacefully with each other, having very little conflict between themselves. In fact, no wars have ever been started on Kitsuria itself. The only break in the peace of this world was caused by Necro and her allies, and Kumori later on. It was originally thought that S'Fyra was the cause of the threat brought by Necro, however, this was quickly disproved.


Kitsune Island

Kitsune Island is where most of Kitsuria's inhabitants live. This is because its regions are tuned to almost every element.


Primary Elements: Ice/Water, Wind, Mountain

Hisaku is the arctic region found in the far north on Kitsune Island. During the day the weather is clear. There's not much sunlight - it mostly appears that the sun is always set. The sky remains a beautiful sapphire color throughout the day. Snow falls throughout the entire region at night time, in the form of light flurries. Blizzards are a very rare occurrence.

Shinamori and Shadoya

Primary Elements: Forest, Water, Fire, Lightning

Shinamori and Shadoya are found near the heart of Kitsune Island. Shinamori extends all the way to the southeastern coast of the island, while Shadoya extends west. A clinic could be found on the top of Shadoya Mountain as well as the Healing Springs.


Primary Element: Water

Chiyu is a small region found near Shadoya Mountain. It is named for the river that passes through it, and the ocean on its border. The water is said to have some healing properties to it, as it is also the water that is found in the Healing Springs.



Most of Kasamori is densely forested, with one inactive volcano in the center. There are several villages within the Kasamorian forest as well as a few underground passages. Kasamori has a tropical environment with frequent rainfall. The northern part is slightly cooler and less humid than the rest of the island.



This island was a place of refuge for S'Fyrians when Necro took over S'Fyra. They lived in small huts, and fed off of the fruits and small rodents there. The island is in a state of perpetual darkness, covered by dark clouds. Since S'Fyra has returned to its original state, S'Fyra-isola remains uninhabited.


(more to come soon)