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This post describes the world of S'Fyra, and should be referred to if there is any RP taking place there. This will be updated in time.

Basic Info
Not much is known about S'Fyra other than it being a world filled with darkness. The only light in this world comes from torches lit among pathways and in buildings, and the occasional moonlight. Rainfall is very frequent in this world, and temperatures drop to near freezing in some places. It is mainly inhabited by void-elemental kitsune, wolves, and dragons.

It was previously ruled by a queen named Hakumei until Kumori and her followers overthrew her. Kumori's lead follower, who many S'Fyrians and Kitsurians refer to as Necro, was placed in charge. Their rule lasted until Necro was killed by a rogue 20 years later. There currently is no one ruling S'Fyra.


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