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Author Topic: Katrina  (Read 4817 times)


« on: Mar 14 2008 - 19:42 »
*flourish and bow* Good evening everyone, my name is Katrina Lenara Shadow, Meta-Human performer. When the changing took place I was a little scared at first, as were most humans. Some still are, but I was one of the few who decided to go with the flow and learned how to take advantage of my new abilities. Now my dances are just as beautiful to watch as they were before, but combining them with some of the fighting abilities I've picked up, as well as the little elemental magic I could get the hang of, allowed me to put these dances to a use if war should come like so many people are thinking. All the guns and technology that people have isn't going to be enough if the people we're going to have to fight have magic as well, so it's up to the few of us who grew into our powers to help out. One of the  other abilities I picked up was minor shapeshifting. I can't change my size or large chunks of my body, but I can change specific parts like my hands, pretty much at will to what I need as long as they're from a living thing. I'm generally easy to approach, even by non-humans just because of how well I accepted the change. So kitsune, wolves, dragons, anything like that is fairly normal and doesn't get a second glance unless it's strange for it's kind or tries to kill me.