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« on: Apr 09 2010 - 08:04 »
Hi i'm Kyuuji

Introduction as a gamer ?
Well I've played 4 year and an half maplestory until i got hacked then i stoped playing on computer and i found a PSOne and i mostly have RPG games such as FF, Lunar, Breath of Fire...

Sincerly i don't know what's a MUCK

i can be found in kitsune paradise or kitsuhana (yea i belive miself of being a kitsune) and i think i could know some faces here

i have a bad new my dad put a new restriction on internet since today : after dinner i'll have no more internet so i could make my home work but since i'm youngh my dad do things like that but he never have success anyway...
I saw there's text based MUCK on the wiki but i wan't to know if i could run it on my iPod Touch (the school didn't blocked the site so i could play at school instead of at home because i'm again restricted in therm of internet