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Author Topic: More about me than you probably wanted to know.  (Read 4809 times)


More about me than you probably wanted to know.
« on: Mar 14 2008 - 11:37 »
Well... what should I say here? Well I've been RPing online for about three years now, having many characters spread across about a dozen different places, as well as playing table top rolegames for at least six years, and rpg video games for going on twelve. I'm an Otaku, Gamer, Nerd, Freak, Furry, raver, and many other things and proud of it. I enjoy standing out and love art type stuff, including song and dance, not just the pen and paper kind. I couldn't live without music, and am an avid DDR player. As far as RP, I like multiple lines with grammar, punctuation, and proper spelling. Typos happen to everyone, forgetting a word happens, all and all I'm not that strict about it as long as you're making an effort. I play for the longterm RP, not for a ton of one shot scenes that lead nowhere.

I think that I've about covered all the bases now, so I'm going to pop out now. See you all grid side.