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I didn't think I could do it, but I re-registered KitsuMUCK's original domain. That's right. It is mine once again, and I will be damned if I let it expire to fall into the hands of another squatter. So, yeah. I'm glad I was able to do that.

As far as the MUCK goes, it's still on a bit of a hiatus. The MUCK itself is online, open for anyone who wishes to use it, but I am focusing my energy on other things. One of these things is part of this site, and might be something some of the oldbies might appreciate. I will be doing some work on this site, putting up basic information about the MUCK and such. But for actual RP and activity, I still would suggest heading over to Kitsuria Network, as that's where most of my energy is focused. That is not to say I am abandoning this place, though.


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