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Title: web client
Post by: Samui on Oct 03 2014 - 13:42
I finally got around to changing the web client to something that doesn't require Java, or even Flash. Hopefully this one will work out a lot better.

I'm still working on KitsuMUCK, a little at a time. Getting character profiles set back up, as well as a few other things. My energy is still mostly focused on Kitsuria Network (, getting some stuff done there. The top priority is my writings, which I have been slacking on for way too long.

I may be idle for a long time on the MUCK, but don't let that scare you away. I do check every once in a while. Best way to get my attention is by posting here or on Kitsuria (especially the latter, and most definitely if you send me a PM there). My schedule's a bit crazy - working third shift, upcoming vacation a few days from now, sleep, and other projects. If I don't reply immediately, it could be one of those rare moments when I'm not at a keyboard (or able to use my phone, if you've sent me a PM on Kitsuria).