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News/Announcements / web client
« Last post by Samui on Oct 03 2014 - 13:42 »
I finally got around to changing the web client to something that doesn't require Java, or even Flash. Hopefully this one will work out a lot better.

I'm still working on KitsuMUCK, a little at a time. Getting character profiles set back up, as well as a few other things. My energy is still mostly focused on Kitsuria Network, getting some stuff done there. The top priority is my writings, which I have been slacking on for way too long.

I may be idle for a long time on the MUCK, but don't let that scare you away. I do check every once in a while. Best way to get my attention is by posting here or on Kitsuria (especially the latter, and most definitely if you send me a PM there). My schedule's a bit crazy - working third shift, upcoming vacation a few days from now, sleep, and other projects. If I don't reply immediately, it could be one of those rare moments when I'm not at a keyboard (or able to use my phone, if you've sent me a PM on Kitsuria).
Information / [Story]: Summary of first two arcs.
« Last post by Samui on Oct 21 2013 - 07:50 »
Posting this here for reference, names may be changed later, might add a thing or two as I remember them.

Arc 1 (January - August 2004):

Yuki set out to search for Cyan, whom had gone out to look for her sister. He met Electra, and learned about Akuma, a dark kitsune who wanted to take over Kitsune Island. Flare showed up, introducing herself as a follower of Akuma's and wanting to kill Electra for not meeting her demands. Yuki defended Electra, and noticed that Flare reminded him of someone he knew before, but would never act this way. He decided to form a group to fight against the threats on the island. Yuki met up with Pyro, Pyra, Mizu, and Pyrova. Pyrova had important news for Yuki, but before she could deliver them, Flare and Garou attacked the party, and captured Yuki.

Flare wanted to recruit Yuki into Akuma's forces, but while flirting with him, she recalled something and set Yuki free, and was not seen for some time. This led to the introduction of Shiryu, whose main target was Yuki because of his "mind games" with Flare. The ensuing battle didn't go well, and the party had to retreat. While they were recovering, Flare arrived, stating she came in peace and wished to speak with Yuki personally. She told him she remembered everything, that she was a mate of his, and that they had a daughter named Lunar. Flare and Lunar both joined Yuki's group, soon followed by Garou.

Since Flare and Garou were formerly on Akuma's side, they knew where she was located. They led the group there, and were confronted by Shiryu. Shiryu didn't attack, but she said she was disgusted by Flare and Garou's betrayal, and not only blamed Yuki, but also Akuma because "she can't keep her followers in line." She left, claiming she would do a better job than Akuma. The group proceeded to confront Akuma, and easily defeat her.

Yuki, with the help of a few of the members of the group, set out to look for Cyan. They didn't have to go far, hearing her calls for help. They rush to the scene to find that Shiryu was attacking her. Yuki stepped in to intervene while Pyro and Pyra brought Cyan to safety. Shiryu left, swearing a vendetta against him. While Cyan was healing, a kitsune named Minoru met them, and was revealed to be Pyro's mate. They met one other mate of Minoru's, who preferred to be known as "Kon".

In the span of a few months, Shiryu captured and tortured a few members of the group, and managed to manipulate Minoru by use of a special collar. The group also encountered BlackCyankon and Minoru's dark counterpart (Kumori). During that time, it was revealed that Shiryu was Flare's close friend. Flare made every effort to get Shiryu to come to her senses. It eventually happened when Shiryu nearly killed Flare. Soon after, they defeated BlackCyankon, who swore vengeance. Kumori vanished, promising to return someday, stating "It could be tomorrow, or it could be a year from now. Maybe even longer, or even shorter. Either way, I shall return, and when I do, you will know it."

All was peaceful for fifteen days, until Necro arrived, summoning a follower named Youkon. She summoned two more of her followers, and overpowered the group.

Meanwhile, the portal to Earth was open, and Pyrova took the opportunity to reveal to Yuki and Cyan that their long lost son Samui was on Earth. Minoru also revealed that he had a son named Kuro, who was on Earth as well.

Arc 2 (October 2004 - April 2005):

After having several disturbing dreams, Samui decided to take a walk in the park in favor of attending school. He stumbled upon a path that led to a cave, where he met Pyrova. He was led through a portal to Kitsuria and reunited with Yuki and Cyan. He also met Kuro, who stated that he had woken up there. They met up with a few other people, namely Geo (a fox who mysteriously ended up on Kitsune Island, and wished to find his way home), Technic (another fox, mated with Lunar), and "Death" (a rogue).

Samui and Kuro joined the search for Necro's followers, who had taken residence in various places on the island. It wasn't long before they each were captured by Shadou and Neikon, respectively. Fortunately for them, this was done one at a time, so one was able to rescue the other. After that, they were able to track down and defeat Akuma.

Neikon then captured Lunar in an effort to make her a servant. They attempted to track her down with no luck. During their search, another kitsune named Kira joined to help, and Kuro left because he didn't trust dark kitsune. Kira led Samui's group to S'Fyra, and they found Lunar being tortured by Neikon. There was a battle between Samui and Shadou, which Pyrova joined after Samui was injured. Since Samui had weakened Shadou, Pyrova was able to easily defeat her. Kira stepped in to stop Neikon, and was immediately attacked. Samui intervened to protect Kira, who freed Lunar and ordered Technic to take her home. After Neikon severely injured Samui, Pyrova created a large wall of fire as a diversion to make a getaway back to Kitsuria, and immediately took Samui to a clinic.

While in the clinic, they found Renee, the healer, submerged in a pool of water that was frozen solid. During their rescue efforts, a dark being locked Samui into a room that was set at a high temperature, and tied him to a table. This being claimed himself to be the shadow of Samui, a creation of Necro to take Samui's identity. He vanished afterwards. Pyrova continued to work in haste to rescue Renee, who recovered quickly, and helped Pyrova to free Samui, finding him unconscious. With Kira's assistance, Samui was taken to a shack near the Hisaku region on Kitsune Island. They were followed by Kuro, who learned of the incident. He argued with Kira, claiming she only wanted to help Samui in exchange for sexual favors, and telling her she should stop lying and leading the family into traps. Kira left, upset with Kuro's attitude. Pyrova, Renee, and Samui (who had woken during the argument) were displeased with Kuro's behavior. Kuro left, as well, saying he'd rather work on his own than with "those who fraternize with demons".

After Samui fully recovered, the group searched for the remaining followers of Necro. They found and killed Youkon after she had captured Shuuriku, Samui's sister. With Cyan's help, they defeated Draxune, leading to the revival of Cyan's sister Azura. Neikon arrived to fight Samui one on one, wanting to test his abilities without having a vixen rushing to his aid, and Samui emerged victorious.

The group headed to S'Fyra to engage Necro, and Kuro arrived to help. They were able to weaken her, but not enough to stop her. Just as Necro had claws holding everyone in place, Death stabbed Necro in the chest with a sword, killing her. This had also effectively killed Necro's shadow copy of Samui. They returned home to celebrate their victory.
Information / [Theme] S'Fyra
« Last post by Samui on Oct 21 2013 - 04:46 »
This post describes the world of S'Fyra, and should be referred to if there is any RP taking place there. This will be updated in time.

Basic Info

Not much is known about S'Fyra other than it being a world filled with darkness. The only light in this world comes from torches lit among pathways and in buildings, and the occasional moonlight. Rainfall is very frequent in this world, and temperatures drop to near freezing in some places. It is mainly inhabited by void-elemental kitsune, wolves, and dragons.

It was previously ruled by a queen named Hakumei until Kumori and her followers overthrew her. Kumori's lead follower, who many S'Fyrians and Kitsurians refer to as Necro, was placed in charge. Their rule lasted until Necro was killed by a rogue 20 years later. There currently is no one ruling S'Fyra.
News/Announcements / reset
« Last post by Samui on Oct 03 2013 - 07:54 »
Going to be doing a lot of cleaning in the near future. Nobody really comes here anymore, so, it's just a good a time as any to blow shit up and start with a fresh slate. Oldbie accounts - those who have been here since the krpg1 era - will remain intact, and that thing I'm working on is still being worked on.
News/Announcements / makeover, again
« Last post by Samui on Mar 02 2013 - 13:15 »
decided it was time to update this site's look to match digital dimension's and kitsuria network's (eventual) layouts. soon, i will be working on the skin for the flash client. i also removed the dead link to our wiki, which doesn't exist currently. no need to have one right now, anyway.

there are a few small things in the works here, but most of my energy is still going to be focused on digital dimension and kitsuria. stay tuned.
Information / [Theme]: Kitsuria
« Last post by Samui on Aug 02 2012 - 14:46 »
This post describes the world of Kitsuria. I will be updating this post soon. Any questions may be asked here.

Basic Info

Kitsuria is a world with three islands: Kasamori, Kitsune Island, and S'Fyra-Isola. Kitsune Island is the center island, where most of the inhabitants of the world live. Kasamori is the island to the west of Kitsune Island, inhabited mostly by size-shifting kitsune. S'Fyra-Isola is to the east of Kitsune Island, and was a place of refuge for the S'Fyrian kitsune during Necro's reign.

The world is inhabited primarily by kitsune, wolves, and dragons. The three species coexist peacefully with each other, having very little conflict between themselves. In fact, no wars have ever been started on Kitsuria itself. The only break in the peace of this world was caused by Necro and her allies, and Kumori later on. It was originally thought that S'Fyra was the cause of the threat brought by Necro, however, this was quickly disproved.


Kitsune Island

Kitsune Island is where most of Kitsuria's inhabitants live. This is because its regions are tuned to almost every element.


Primary Elements: Ice/Water, Wind, Mountain

Hisaku is the arctic region found in the far north on Kitsune Island. During the day the weather is clear. There's not much sunlight - it mostly appears that the sun is always set. The sky remains a beautiful sapphire color throughout the day. Snow falls throughout the entire region at night time, in the form of light flurries. Blizzards are a very rare occurrence.

Shinamori and Shadoya

Primary Elements: Forest, Water, Fire, Lightning

Shinamori and Shadoya are found near the heart of Kitsune Island. Shinamori extends all the way to the southeastern coast of the island, while Shadoya extends west. A clinic could be found on the top of Shadoya Mountain as well as the Healing Springs.


Primary Element: Water

Chiyu is a small region found near Shadoya Mountain. It is named for the river that passes through it, and the ocean on its border. The water is said to have some healing properties to it, as it is also the water that is found in the Healing Springs.



Most of Kasamori is densely forested, with one inactive volcano in the center. There are several villages within the Kasamorian forest as well as a few underground passages. Kasamori has a tropical environment with frequent rainfall. The northern part is slightly cooler and less humid than the rest of the island.



This island was a place of refuge for S'Fyrians when Necro took over S'Fyra. They lived in small huts, and fed off of the fruits and small rodents there. The island is in a state of perpetual darkness, covered by dark clouds. Since S'Fyra has returned to its original state, S'Fyra-isola remains uninhabited.


(more to come soon)
News/Announcements / original domain get!
« Last post by Samui on Aug 02 2012 - 12:59 »
I didn't think I could do it, but I re-registered KitsuMUCK's original domain. That's right. It is mine once again, and I will be damned if I let it expire to fall into the hands of another squatter. So, yeah. I'm glad I was able to do that.

As far as the MUCK goes, it's still on a bit of a hiatus. The MUCK itself is online, open for anyone who wishes to use it, but I am focusing my energy on other things. One of these things is part of this site, and might be something some of the oldbies might appreciate. I will be doing some work on this site, putting up basic information about the MUCK and such. But for actual RP and activity, I still would suggest heading over to Kitsuria Network, as that's where most of my energy is focused. That is not to say I am abandoning this place, though.
News/Announcements / hiatus
« Last post by Samui on Jun 19 2011 - 21:06 »
i'm surprised people still come here -- even though it is rare.

thought i'd let the one or two people who come here that kitsumuck is still on indefinite hiatus. i'm focusing more of my energy on kitsuria network. there is more rp taking place there, than here. go there for rp.

that is all.
News/Announcements / temporary domain change
« Last post by Samui on Apr 09 2011 - 17:06 »
Since "" has expired on April 8th, I am going to be hosting KitsuMUCK on "" for the next five days, until I get the funds to renew the domain. It will be accessible both ways afterwards.

Also, at this time the wiki is not accessible. I am working on a new wiki in the meantime. I'm hoping to have it done in a couple days.
News/Announcements / yet another makeover
« Last post by Samui on Mar 03 2011 - 03:53 »
So, I've gone and upgraded our forum software to the most recent, reskinned, and put up a new portal. For now, the bridge between the forum and the MUCK is down. The MUCK is still online, as it's always been.

There's not a whole lot going on, on the MUCK. The story that was going to be played on there is now in forum RP form on Kitsuria Network. I'm thinking that any events on this MU* take place after it, or in a separate time line. I haven't completely decided what to do with KitsuMUCK yet, but I do have some ideas in the back of my mind.

On other news, for the older members who predated the conversion to a MUCK, I have ported most of the old server code to the new server's code base. I intend on teaching myself Python so that a better client could be made. But, for the time being, the old one works just as well. Ask me for the download link if you're interested.
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