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Introductions / Good morning.
« Last post by Runefox on Nov 10 2008 - 01:39 »
:P Hey, Kitsune! I'm Runefox. Samui knows of me, and ... Honestly, I can't remember why Samui and I haven't talked in a while. But, looking around about Kitsune-related material, I stumbled across this site, which seems rather interesting. Of course, I'm not sure if this is even still active! x__X So, greetings, those of you who are alive!
Introductions / now am here to
« Last post by Shiori on Sep 02 2008 - 18:56 »
I am Shiori I am from Kitsune paradise and Kitsuhana. Nice to be here to still working on lol things on here it is quite nice. nice nice job on everything.
Introductions / ShadowGuy
« Last post by ShadowGuy on Aug 01 2008 - 10:49 »
Hey It's ShadowGuy, I do not believe anyone will remember me. I was on Kitsune Paradise 2 years ago and I have been trying to come back, but I never found the time to. I recently got to thinking and thought that I would make my attempt to start slowly coming back to the site. Anyways, nice to be back, I hope I get to know the newer members here and some of the old ones I never got to talk to.
Introductions / Yo, 'sup.
« Last post by Kasu on Jul 26 2008 - 00:59 »
Hey everybody... um... yeah... It's me. Kasu.

I'm generally new at MU*s, but I can and will learn quickly.

I also IRC. PM me to find out where.

So... yeah... this is me...

I've never been good at introductions T_T
Character Profiles / Roland
« Last post by Roland on Jul 14 2008 - 14:30 »
I am Roland, a wolf. I travel the worlds, searching for a way to return to my home, the world of Corona Solaris. I have a strong sense of justice, and I will do whatever I feel to be right. I once lost my heart to darkness, which left me with a heart-shaped patch of black fur on my chest, which stands out on my mostly white fur.
Introductions / Greetings.
« Last post by Roland on Jul 14 2008 - 14:14 »
I'm new to this site, but I'm no stranger to RP. As for myself, I'm a kitsune/wolf, I'm a rabbid (not literally) fan of Nine Inch Nails, I like to write stories, play Kingdom Hearts (alot), and I read a good book now and then.
Introductions / Red Fox here
« Last post by RedFox on Jun 23 2008 - 19:20 »
HEY Red Fox the shy kitsune here. I don't really know what i'm doing here but I decided to join & see what this place is like.
Introductions / DarkOnister
« Last post by DarkOnister on Jun 23 2008 - 05:25 »
Oh I'm around.  A shadow watching but not speaking.
- I've been watching this forum but not the main one.

Seems I got a subscription on this board.
Character Profiles / Ashoova celest
« Last post by Ashoova on May 16 2008 - 05:18 »
Greeting every one my name is Ashoova Celest of the Inari line. I am a celestial Kitsune there for I feed off of knoweldge. As you may observe I have a patch acroos my right eye. Before you jump to conclusions no i'm not blind in that eye. Infact that eye is called the Eye of Fire and when released incinerates all in it's path. THat is why I have it covered. I really hate having ot use it. any way I am also a smith in terms of Armory, Bladesmithing and enchanted magical items. so it yo uneed something feel free to ask. THe only request I have is please don't pull any of my nine tails. I really hate that I at that point I am nolonger responsible for my actions.
Character Profiles / Rylt
« Last post by Rylt on Apr 15 2008 - 22:06 »
A rather odd little boy. He has no parents but neither does he have a mysterious past, he know what happened to his parents, they simply fell ill and died. He is quite cheerful however but extremely malleable of mind from being so young. He is already agile and intelligent for his age but he seems to find no activity good nor evil, neither does he have a preference for anything but his clothes, he likes to keep them plain and worn in and tends to become a bit rowdy in fancy clothing.

[Should someone take up rearing him he will become what his adoptive parent raises him to become which may or may not be what they intend for him to be.]
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