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Character Profiles / Suraku
« Last post by suraku on Sep 20 2010 - 22:22 »
I am Suraku.... an ex-messenger of Inari...  I was once a six tailed kitsune of the purest white color.... only the tips of her tails were blackened.... 
Once i gained free will i was punished, forced to be in a human body for eternity, stripped of my powers, all that remains is my ears and my tails.... which remain hidden throughout the most of the day....

I have not found my purpose in this world.... I am a wanderer, and my worst fear is to be forgotten...

I do not have a family... I walk this world alone in search of people i can become close to... but when i am at risk of being discovered.... i instinctively vanish without a trace...

(hope this works out alright...)
Character Profiles / Re: Tyro
« Last post by Tyro on Apr 11 2010 - 17:03 »
Ta. I'll have to figure out how to use the MUCK interface. Ta!
Character Profiles / Re: Tyro
« Last post by Samui on Apr 11 2010 - 16:44 »
I'm the only wiz here. xD

I approve. lol
Character Profiles / Re: Tyro
« Last post by Tyro on Apr 11 2010 - 16:37 »
Can I get a wizard or whoever is meant to check over my characters?
Character Profiles / Tyro
« Last post by Tyro on Apr 09 2010 - 20:24 »
I'm an old woman's gift to a world that gave her power. Tyro is a traveller, wondering aimlessly from place to place in the hope that he can help in the place he arrives. He will be secretive about where he has been and even more secretive about his pendant.

He is increasingly in want of a bubble bath idea why, it just seems like the best thing he could think of to reward himself with.
Character Profiles / Kyuuji
« Last post by Kyuuji on Apr 09 2010 - 19:00 »
Since always I live in the wild... I've lost my mother who protected me and taught me the basic of surviving. We've avoided civilizations and lived by the sides of Gaïa. Since my mom's death a spiritual presence has always accompanied me on my road... and the magic in my life and my journey began.

I don't know myself what i am...
I don't know people like i am...
I am not the light nor the dark...

Introductions / Heya
« Last post by Kyuuji on Apr 09 2010 - 08:04 »
Hi i'm Kyuuji

Introduction as a gamer ?
Well I've played 4 year and an half maplestory until i got hacked then i stoped playing on computer and i found a PSOne and i mostly have RPG games such as FF, Lunar, Breath of Fire...

Sincerly i don't know what's a MUCK

i can be found in kitsune paradise or kitsuhana (yea i belive miself of being a kitsune) and i think i could know some faces here

i have a bad new my dad put a new restriction on internet since today : after dinner i'll have no more internet so i could make my home work but since i'm youngh my dad do things like that but he never have success anyway...
I saw there's text based MUCK on the wiki but i wan't to know if i could run it on my iPod Touch (the school didn't blocked the site so i could play at school instead of at home because i'm again restricted in therm of internet

Introductions / hi ^_^
« Last post by foxchild101 on Nov 26 2009 - 10:23 »
Hi im new to kitsumuck but im actually from kitsuneparadise so i know samui but i thought I'd say helo since t is formal, im unsre of what to really say about myself. But i know im quite the lovabe fox.
Introductions / Oh, hello. Don't mind me.
« Last post by Sylver on Jan 29 2009 - 19:27 »
Some part of me says I'm going to regret this at some point in my life.

Now, forget I said that, and I'll kind of give an introduction.

You still haven't forgotten that line, have you?
Ah well.
Well, I'll get on with the introduction.

I'm Sylver, and...well, I RP (which is quite obvious, otherwise, I wouldn't be here now, would I? Or at least, this text wouldn't be here. I can't physically materialize within the internet, as awesome is that would be. Moving on). I'm also a video gamer, but I mainly play shooters and dog-fighting games (you know, with aircraft, or spacecraft). I also tend to play RPGs, but of those, I tend to shy away from the Japanese ones- the characters often break the angst-o-meter, make me wish I was deaf due to squeaky voice acting, or finally, the characters have too much dialog that contributes little to the plot, if at all.

Anyway, I also have other hobbies- art, writing, cooking. And, like most people, I listen to music (mainly rock and roll, heavy metal, techno, some jazz, and a fair bit of music from in between 1930 and 1950).

Also, I shun mainstream media, for the most part, anyway. And I use Firefox, if anyone cares. And I hate Windows, but it's the only thing that can run the bulk of useful computer programs.

And that concludes my...rather long introduction.

Okay, I lied, that really didn't conclude my introduction, but this next sentence does.
Please don't stab me.
Introductions / Good morning.
« Last post by Samui on Nov 10 2008 - 01:57 »
o hai!

we haven't really gotten off the ground yet, so you came here in the beginning stages. so...welcome, and stuff. xD
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